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I was raised by a family of chipmunks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A tough winter when I was 8 forced me to leave home. They just couldn’t feed me – they are afterall quite small.

When I was 14 I got tattoos of stripes down my back to honor them. I wish I hadn’t because it made me look more like a skunk than a chipmunk. Not that a chipmunk tattoo would garner much more respect. Why couldn’t I have been raised by wolverines I have often thought.

When I was 25 I began my Mountain Man training under the guidance of Sensei Taku an anarchist, street medic, zine-collecting, freegan, stick- fighting, train-hopping squatter dude. I lived in a tent for a year-and-a-half to harden my fortitude. There weren’t any mountains around so it was more of urban mountain man training. You might say that doesn’t make much sense. You might be right.

I developed two main powers from my training; Fear-mastery (self-explanatory) and protection from illusions, which includes other-worldly forces such as witchcraft and voodoo and the more worldly ones such as obfuscation, bias, and lipstick.

I used to get woken up by a great horned owl, and so sometimes Ordinary things in life, such as clocks, don’t make much sense to me. I used to sit at night on a log in a snowstorm and have it be so quiet you could hear the snowflakes hit, and so sometimes I find the world to be entirely too noisy.

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    Wayne LaPierre Stand and Fight - Propaganda Techniques

    6 months ago

    An analysis of the propaganda techniques used by Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the NRA, in his essay "Stand and Fight."

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    Mike Powers Sandy Hook Interview Debunked Part II

    11 months ago

    A point by point debunking of the Mike Powers interview in which he contends that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. Part 2 of 2.

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    Mike Powers Sandy Hook Interview Debunked

    11 months ago

    A point by point debunking of the Mike Powers interview in which he contends that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. Part 1 of 2.

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    The Annoying Internet - Invasion of Privacy

    18 months ago

    Read about some common privacy failures on the internet including unprotected directories, property tax records, domain registration listings, and people search sites, and learn some simple ways to protect yourself.

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    A Simple Formula for Finding the Volume of a Sphere

    2 years ago

    A simplified formula for finding the volume of a sphere and how that formula can be extended to circles and multidimensional spheres.


    The 450 ship fleet

    3 years ago

    An alternative evolution of the US Navy that reduces large, expensive, man-power heavy carriers for smaller and more flexible ships and group organizations. Sets a target of a 450 ship fleet.


    Aircraft Carriers - Global Comparison

    4 years ago

    America has nearly four times the weight in carriers compared to the rest of the world combined. The only countries with carriers who can even be considered as potential adversaries are Russia and India, whose two...

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    Word of the Day - Voliloquy

    4 years ago

    Voliloquy: V's alliterative soliloquy from the movie V from Vendetta. "Words will always retain their power." Mohamed Bouazizi's sacrifice is a reminder to us all.


    Musical Scales Chart

    2 years ago

    A major scale chart is shown and described. The chart is easy to use and remember. Describes the pattern of major scales and shows how to play a major scale on a piano. Explains some basic terms.

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    Understanding the US Government Simply

    4 years ago

    This isn't just my story - this is most of our stories. We don't get as much for the same amount of work that we used to. We all know this to be true. We know it in our realities and we know it in our guts. Have we...

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    Sex Ed with Lots of Pretty Graphs

    2 years ago

    A look at historical sex ed funding as well as current (2011) funding. Examines student attitudes regarding sex ed based upon surveys from the site sex etc.

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    The Annoying Internet Part 1: intellitxt

    3 years ago

    Describes intellitxt advertising and how to block it on Internet Explorer.

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